463: Jeffrey Slater on partnerships with Ben & Jerry’s, Macho Man and business conversations with President Reagan

Jeffrey Slater is a senior marketing professional who built a multi-million dollar brand, Rachel’s Brownies, with his wife. His new book, Unraveling The Mysteries of Marketing, shares inspiring stories about partnerships with Ben & Jerry’s, Macho Man and business conversations with President Reagan. He blogs at MomentSlater.

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Success Quote

  • “Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance you must keep moving.” – Albert Einstein click to tweet!

Business Failure

  • Jeff shares what happened when the bookkeeper they hired was exposed as a known embezzler. Scary story, but great lessons learned!

Entrepreneurial AH-HA Moment

  • Jeff’s AH-HA moment came when United Airlines called to make a multi-million dollar order. At that very moment he realized the power of niching, and he shares this golden knowledge with Fire Nation.

Current Business

  • Jeff shares the excitement of working in an industry he loves, along with some great insights for current and future Entrepreneurs!

Small Business Resource

  • Animoto: The easy way to create and share extraordinary videos of your life. Our online video maker turns your photos, video clips and music into video in minutes.

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  • Kyle Musser

    Such incredible insights from two diff perspectives working in small business to the large billion dollar enterprise.

    Thanks for sharing guys!

    • Entrepreneur On Fire

      Kyle, glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for listening and supporting EOFire!

  • Mitch Slater

    Jeff is like a brother to me- actually he is- and I have learned so much from his success and wisdom- what you have heard here is a tribute to our father and grandfather and the tools they passed down to us. Great interview !

    • Yohann Taieb

      Standing on shoulders of giants, cheers! :)

    • Entrepreneur On Fire

      Thanks for this Mitch! Glad you enjoyed it – and I agree, Jeff is amazing!

  • Yohann Taieb

    Excellent interview.
    Something that stroke me is that the trend that I’ve seen is usually people leaving the corporate world to get into their own business, but Jeffrey did the exact opposite.
    I would love to get a little explanation behind Jeff’s thread of thoughts!
    Yohann (from

    • Jeffrey Slater

      Yohann, thanks for the nice comments about my conversation with John. I did do the opposite and go from the entrepreneurial world to the corporate. At the time, I had a new career path where I could learn from many really smart professionals. I worked for almost 13 years at GoodMark Foods and then ConAgra Foods who acquired them. Both of those experiences gave me opportunities to do things I don’t know I’d ever do in a small to mid-sized business. Today I am enjoying living vicariously through the entrepreneurial work of my daughters and guiding them on their pathways. I guess I’m incurably curious and keep following a path to learn. Cheers to you.