890: Leverage your time and your money with Keith Weinhold

Keith is an international real estate investor with property in several world nations and U.S. states. He owns rental apartment buildings & single family homes, along with producing agricultural coffee farms. In 2014, he launched the highly-rated Get Rich Education podcast to give away all the best information so that others can build a passive income empire.Keep Reading »

889: Your biggest mistake is NOT BEING YOU says Nicole Lapin

Nicole is a veteran financial journalist, serving as an anchor on CNN, CNBC, and Bloomberg. Her first book Rich Bitch: A Simple 12-Step Plan for Getting Your Financial Life Together was published in 2015. You can follow Nicole on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and at for smart financial advice and unconventional money tips.

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888: Niching to a pain point is KEY says Chandler Bolt

Chandler is a young entrepreneur who ran $320k in businesses by age 20. He’s written 3 Best-selling books and he now works with aspiring speakers, coaches & entrepreneurs to help them go from book idea to bestseller in 3 months through his online program, Self Publishing School.

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887: Perspective will make or break you says Darryl Lyons

Darryl is a small business owner.  He leads a team that counsels thousands of individuals and small business owners about what to do with their money.   He has collected his thoughts and experiences in his recently launched book, Small Business Big Pressure.  This book is a unique approach to how faith plays a critical role in a small business owner’s life.

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886: Acquire habits of the successful with Austin Muhs

Originally hailing from Dallas, Austin is a seasoned Los Angeles based entrepreneur. Having worked at over 30 jobs and having started 6 businesses (all via bootstrapping) gives him a unique perspective on startup life. Entering into Startup life at 22 years old, he knows what it takes to get passionate, take action, and fail forward. Keep Reading »

883: How referrals REALLY work with Lee Frederiksen

Lee is the Managing Partner at Hinge Marketing and is a rare combination of businessman and research scientist. An award-winning marketer and business strategist, he draws on his Ph.D. in behavioral psychology and his own deep experience as CEO and entrepreneur to help firms achieve high growth and profitability.

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