856: The fear of missing out with Amy Kauffman

Amy believes everyone is uniquely created on purpose, for a purpose. She is passionate about creating environments for people and companies to thrive. Aligning with her beliefs on a large scale, she founded Givily, a cloud-based platform that helps companies manage donation requests and strategic giving. Keep Reading »

854: Building a lucrative business with no ideas, no expertise & no money with Dane Maxwell

After being scammed online for $12,000 in his early twenties, Dane went on to launch 6 profitable software products over the span of seven years, starting with just $123 in his bank account. He started these businesses without any ideas, without writing a single line of code, and without using any venture capital.

After discovering his desire to teach, Dane co-founded The Foundation with Andy Drish in 2012.The Foundation teaches entrepreneurs how to start software businesses from nothing, even if you have no idea, no money, and limited experience.

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852: Peter Radcliffe: A quiet mind is a skillful mind

Peter is the Founder of Skillful Mind and merges personal transformation and coaching with the ancient disciplines of meditation and yoga. Having completed several long solitary retreats he knows the importance of a still mind as the basis for the busy life as an entrepreneur.

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