Hiring your virtual assistant: The process

Hiring a virtual assistant can completely change the shape of your business in a lot of ways. I know it did ours.

A virtual assistant can help you become more effective, more efficient, and help you grow your business exponentially. They can also help you get your life back.
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What’s your entrepreneurial stretch?

I’ve known for a long time what my entrepreneurial stretch is: being in the forefront.

For me, being the one that always “works behind the scenes” – never taking any chances – that was always my goal.

How did I know this was my entrepreneurial stretch?

Because it has also been my stretch in life.
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Why Every Entrepreneur Should Go to the Gym

This guest post was written by Greg Fisher who started Berkeley Sourcing Group eight years ago after realizing the need for efficient processes and coordination between manufacturing firms located in the US and factories in China. 

If you’re an entrepreneur and looking to improve your game, then you’ve probably been focusing a lot of time and energy on your “head game”.

Maybe you’ve been learning everything you possibly can about your topic or niche, or perhaps you’re getting lots of sleep and drinking coffee to keep your mind sharp.
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Zero to Launch: Ramit Sethi on how to create your own online products

A few weeks ago I received an email from Ramit Sethi titled Straight truth about starting an online business, where he introduced his newest course, Zero to Launch.

I scanned the email rather quickly at first – you know, the typical “will this help me get one step closer towards my goals” type of scan.

It wasn’t too far into my scan before I knew I would be scrolling back to the top to read through word for word what Ramit had to say, all thanks to the ways in which he describes doing business. (This blog post is now officially saved to my favorites.)
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Growing your business: How long it really takes

Have you ever stopped to think about how long growing your business really takes? The endurance, the nurturing and the patience required to really help it grow?

We’d all like to think that it’s as easy as purchasing a domain, getting our website built, and firing up our social media profiles. Once all of that happens, we’ll just start to grow naturally, right?

Wait – you mean to tell me that’s not when people start to find us and follow us and love us and beg us to sell them stuff??” Not quite…
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Our Email Newsletter Diary Part III: That’s a Wrap!

I’ve learned a TON in the past six months about email newsletters, and I could not be more anxious to share it with you!

Why? Because it works!

Some of it has come from other experts in the industry (reading their blogs, following their email newsletters and watching their video snippets), and some of it has come from my own testing, failing, tweaking and improving.
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Consistency: Simple, but not easy

I want to talk about one of the simplest, yet most under-utilized techniques in existence. It’s one that we live by here at EntrepreneurOnFire.

It’s called consistency.

Question: If consistency is really that simple, then why don’t more people just do it?
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5 Things You Should Know About Millennials

This guest post was written by Allysia Lowe, a masters student in digital marketing.

Millennials are having a bit of a tough go of it, aren’t they?

Every day another critique of their “lackadaisical” attitudes or self-obsessed strategies shows up, but I feel that we’ve been approaching the problem, as my mom would say it, “bass ackwards” (you can figure that one out for yourself).
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Why you ARE good enough to succeed

This guest post was written by Jan Koch, a Restart Strategist who is passionate about transitioning from employment to entrepreneurship in order to restart your life.

Entrepreneurs who are just starting out all have a common obstacle to tackle. It’s what I call the “personal qualities paradox”: the fear of not being good enough – of not having what it takes to build a profitable business even though you know that you have the necessary skills to do it.
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