863: Unlock the knowledge of the world with Dave Logan

Dave is a Best-selling Author, management consultant and faculty member at USC Marshall School of Business. He is the author or co-author of four books, including the New York Times #1 Best-seller Tribal Leadership. He Co-founded CultureSync in 1997, a management consulting firm whose clients include dozens of Fortune 500 companies, major nonprofits and governments around the world.Keep Reading »

5 steps to creating valuable content for your audience

In November of 2011 I took my first entrepreneurial leap. Within 6 months I was crawling back to the corporate world, begging for safety.

My biggest mistake, which was also my biggest lesson learned from that experience, was that I didn’t know who my avatar was, and therefore, I didn’t know what I could provide them that would be of value.

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862: How to close a $1.5M JV Deal in 30-days with Sohail Khan

Sohail is known as the World’s Top Joint Venture Expert, and he built an 8-figure business that was acquired by a $160M IT Group in 2006. In 2008 that IT Group went bust, and he went from multi-millionaire to broke. In 2009 he gave himself a challenge to make $1M in 12 months, and he ended up closing a $1.5M JV Deal in just 30 days!Keep Reading »

861: John Lee Dumas + Justin Williams = ?

Justin is a Full-time Real Estate Investor who is currently flipping over 100 houses a year with automated systems that allow him to spend less than 5 hours a week working on his business. In July of 2013 Justin reached out to yours truly to learn how he could create an online community to help others achieve financial freedom by creating their own house flipping business. Was it a good move? We’ll chat about that and more today!Keep Reading »

860: Radiate your passion with Elayna Fernandez

Elayna is a former desolate, homeless, penniless, single mom. Today, she empowers, equips and encourages moms of all ages and stages to BE POSITIVE and discover, live, balance, monetize and radiate their passions so they can create JOY, BALANCE and SUCCESS. Keep Reading »

859: Follow your goosebumps with Sandy Connery

Sandy is the Founder of, software she designed for networking groups to share leads online.  With 12 years of owning a storefront business, but no experience in software, Sandy followed the Foundation’s framework and built in less than a year with six customers in three different countries.

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856: The fear of missing out with Amy Kauffman

Amy believes everyone is uniquely created on purpose, for a purpose. She is passionate about creating environments for people and companies to thrive. Aligning with her beliefs on a large scale, she founded Givily, a cloud-based platform that helps companies manage donation requests and strategic giving. Keep Reading »